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Good practice guide to heat pump installation index of figures and tables 4 1. Contents sectionpage title introduction contact us wiring notes 3 4 wiring plans sundial s plan 5 7 sundial s plan plus 8 sundial y plan 9 11 sundial c plan 12 sundial c plan plus 14 sundial w plan 15 smart fit 16 17 wiring guides boiler wiring 18 programmer wiring 19 valve wiring 20 frost thermostats 21 fault finding wired sundial y plan 22 23. Heat pump cooling operation is similar to the operation of a standard cooling system. Heat pump unit bases are cutout under the outdoor coil to permit drainage of frost accumulation. This video is part of the heating and cooling series of training videos made to accompany my websites. The cop is published to give general technical guidelines on how the statutory requirements of the electricity wiring regulations, hereinafter referred as the wiring regulations, can be met. Heat pumps require special location consideration in areas of heavy snow accumulation andor areas with prolonged continuous subfreezing temperatures. It flows through the outdoor vapor line to the finned outdoor coil. Conformity is mandatory for a product to obtain the ce marking. Route the refrigerant lines from the outdoor heat pump unit to the indoor heat pump coil per the instructions packed with the heat pump.

Match each labeled wire with same letter on new thermostat. Mounting the evaporator coil above the heat pump will require an. You can use a conventional thermostat for a heat pump system. Zone panel wiringheat pump, 2heat1cool with electric auxiliary heat. No addition or alteration, temporary or permanent, shall be made to an existing installation, unless it has been ascertained that the rating and condition of any. Altherma erhq016bav3, altherma erhq011baw1, altherma erhq014baw1, altherma erhq016baw1. General lighting branch circuits shall be computed on a three watts per square foot basis. The compressor pumps out highpressure, superheated refrigerant vapor. Air source heat pump installation and maintenance manual. Use a screwdriver to loosen screws, insert wires into hole under screw, then tighten screws until wire is secure. American standard installers guide air conditioner heat pump. Be sure to use an exclusive power circuit for the equipment, and follow the local technical standards related to the electrical equipment, the internal wiring regulations, and the instruction manual for installation when conducting electrical work. Air source heat pump electrical requirements advice please.

Dsbk heat pump connect to the ds, bk, or odd terminal on the furnace equipment. The heat pump uses this basic law of physics to provide energy saving heat during the winter months. The sv heat pump outlets require 40mm pvc pressure pipe to be used. Oct, 2019 the heat source for a basic ac system can include heat strips for electric heat or even a hot water coil inside the air handler that is fed from a water heater. Local codes and regulations take precedence over any recommendations contained in these instructions.

Design and installation of closedloop systems 2007 edition kwh of useful heat supplied almost double the co 2 emissions from the gshp. Incorrectly facing nonreturn valve with too high opening. Heat pump wiring diagrams alpine home air products. It is the responsibility of the user to operate and use the heat pump according to the instructions detailed in this manual.

Do not operate your air conditioner in a wet room such as a bathroom or laundry room. Optional field installed heat kits are available in 5,8,10,15 and 20 kw. Plaque says 12a running current, minimum 20a circuit, max 30a. Sep 14, 2016 this one is the first is short series on how the heat pump is wired and sequenced. Heat pump operation is basically an air conditioner running backwards in the sense that instead of cooling the inside air and moving hot air outside, it cools the outside air and moves heat inside. Factory wiring is in accordance with national electrical code nec. Page 6 installation guide wiring handler 24 volt trans.

A minimum 3 clearance under the outdoor coil is required in the milder climates. Sep 22, 20 wiring a heat pump thermostat to the air handler and outdoor unit. All electrical wiring must be completed in accordance. This one is the first is short series on how the heat pump is wired and sequenced. These branch circuits may supply lighting outlets in all areas of the dwelling and convenience receptacles, other than small. These act as an alternative to running the furnace when heat is needed. Incoming water supply as the performance of hot and cold water systems is totally reliant. Heating, cooling and indoor air quality systems hvs. Installation must be performed in accordance with local laws, regulations and national electrical codes nec.

For unusual buildings or high ceilings use the manual method in 4. If the heat pump was supplied with energy from a renewable source, co 2 emissions could be. You should 100% make sure that you have a heat pump system and not an air conditioner with electric heating strips as it is a common mistake for people to misidentify their hvac systems. Requirements for installingservicing r410a equipment. The vapor leaves the compressor and passes through the reversing valve. Code of practice for the electricity wiring regulations. The aec heat pump delivers lower temperature water than a conventional boiler, therefore the heat emitters need to have a larger surface area or be fitted with an integral fan. Wiring diagrams typical 1h1c heat pump system typical heat only system. Do not allow refrigerant to come in contact with a flame as it produces toxic gas.

Check the heat pump data label for required maximum breaker size. Multiple heat pump systems or dc electric vehicle charge point installations must be apply to connect. Variable speed heat pump wiring 8module hvs variable speed heat. The unit must be situated to permit free unobstructed drainage of the defrost water and ice.

If refrigerant leaks while work is being carried out, ventilate the area. Standards and regulations applicable to a heat pump installation that must be complied. Auxem heat eaux fan relay the dsbk terminal is used with a variablespeed fan. Mount the 30247481f control box on the outside of the furnace casing or on a wall near the. Make sure you do not make these same mistakes others make. Focuspro th6110d programmable thermostat 1 product application this thermostat provides electronic control of 24 vac singlestage heating and cooling systems,or 750 mv heating systems. View and download daikin altherma erhq011bav3 installation manual online. The appliance with electric heater shall have atl east1 meters pacet ot hec ombustible materials. Air conditioner models do not use the black x2 or orange wires from the outdoor unit. Heat pumps move thermal energy in the opposite direction of spontaneous heat transfer, by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer one.

The heat pump water heaters covered in this manual require a minimum of 750. It is the owners and installers responsibility to read and comply with all safety information and instructions accompanying these symbols. When selecting the cable size for a long hour load such as a heat pump or an ev charger, bigger is better within reason. I am wiring a new heat pump 50,000 btu, 208230v 60 hz. The wiring of your pool heat pump should be performed by a quali. For this reason the heat pump cylinder comes with a 2 port valve and tank. Wiring must comply with applicable codes, ordinances, and regulations. There is a risk of electric shock at all terminals and the heat pump. Products placed on the market before this date will not be affected.

The standard version is available in 5kw or 9 kw output and can be used where space is at a premium, or when fitted to existing heating and hot water system. Electric vehicles and heat pumps ena energy networks. Five major services make up the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing mep systems found in most homes. Always keep your goodman heat pump manuals handy so you can reference them as needed. Make sure water drains to a safe location that meets local codes and regulations and where it will not cause water damage or a slipping hazard. Use the following wiring diagrams to wire the zone panel to the thermostats and dampers. The emission figure for electricity is an average for the uk generation mix.

Make sure that the main machine power switch is off. Do not purge the air with refrigerants but use a vacuum pump to vacuum the installation. Constanttorque ecm direct drive motor on the 24, 30, 36 and 60 models. This number is comparable to the steadystate efficiency of oil and gasfired furnaces. Hazardous voltage can shock, burn, and cause death or serious property damage. Using the same vacuum pump for different refrigerants may damage the vacuum pump or the unit. The user must start the pumpbefore the machine, and turn off the machine.

Lrp14hp 2 to 5 ton heat pump page 4 supply air blower direct drive blower each blower wheel is statically and dynamically balanced. Additionally, geothermal heat pump systems installed in new or existing homes by dec. Consult local building codes and the national electrical code ansi ci for special installation requirements. Ac heat pump with single stage gas furnace and honeywell visionpro 8000 as all fuel kit control wiring heat pump honeywell visionpro 8000. New goodman heat pumps include various hvac equipment manuals to assist with installation, replacement parts, operation, maintenance, and more. The hz322 offers many innovations for wire management and organization. Change in blower speed is easily accomplished by simple wiring change on.

It is determined by dividing the energy output of the heat pump by the electrical energy needed to run the heat pump, at a specific temperature. There is not extra refrigerant in the outdoor unit for air purging. The saving of say 25 watts by use of larger cable can be worthwhile. Heat pump thermostat wiring chart diagram easy stepbystep. Please read this installation manual carefully before installing and. See the financial incentives box for more information. If e and aux do not each have a wire connected, use a small piece of wire to connect them to each other. The following standards and directives should also be considered in the installation and application of the heat pumps. If the pool heat pump is installed more than three 3 feet 0,9 m above the surface of the pool water, install. Each plays an important role in the troubleshooting process. Ruud s reliable and efficient line of heat pump systems fill the need and requirement for every type of home simply connect with one of our certified ruud propartner contractors to learn which system is best for your family today. Ideally the heat pump should be plumbed inline prior to the sv controller, so that water flows from the filter pump, through the heat pump and then back through the sv controller before returning to the spa. If the heat pump runs for 3,000 hours a year, then 75kwh a year may be saved by use of the larger cable. Heat pump wiring diagrams a variety of wiring diagrams is used in the hvacr industry.

Wiring diagram for furnace new goodman heat pump low voltage. Ensure that there is a sufficiently large water volume for the heat pump to work against, i. Electric vehicles and heat pumps have a strategic role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are a key component of the transition to a low carbon economy. Altherma erhq011bav3 heat pump pdf manual download. Major components general the unit includes a hermetically sealed refrigerating system consisting of a compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil with flowrator, an indoor blower, a condenser fan and all necessary internal electrical wiring. All zodiac heat pumps must be installed in accordance. Charge assist or the manual charging procedure found in the outdoor unit service facts. Should you misplace your goodman heat pump manuals or they are unavailable, can help.

A installation manual 1 this is at the bottom of the packaging. Heat pump pool heaters are similar to the heat pumps for home heating and cooling in that they contain refrigerant. A complete package to provide hot water and heating in. Use the following diagram for wiring a 2heat1cool heat pump with electric auxiliary heat. The following symbols and labels are used throughout this manual to indicate immediate or potential safety. No one should, but then again you dont have to with a ruud heat pump system at your side. The basic diagrams used are the component arrangement or pictorial diagram, the pointtopoint schematic diagram, the ladder diagram, and the type of combination diagram that contains both the. Daikin altherma erhq011bav3 installation manual pdf.

You may wire up to 600 square feet of living area on a 15 ampere branch circuit or up to 800 square feet on a 20ampere circuit. For a heat emitter sizing guide visit the mcs website. Electric vehicles and heat pumps heat pump and electric vehicle charging infrastructure installation. Zone panel wiring heat pump, 2 heat 1cool with electric auxiliary heat. Domestic hot water tank with option kit for air to water heat pump system 4pw444391b installation manual 4 installation guidelines keep in mind the following guidelines when installing the domestic hot water tank. Use a clean gauge manifold, vacuum pump and charging hose for r410a exclusively. All electrical wiring must be in conformance with applicable local and national codes and regulations. Heat pump installation instructions heat pump safety precautions the following symbols and labels are used throughout this manual to indicate immediate or potential safety hazards.

Basic residential electrical wiring rough in and codes guide. A heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a source of heat to what is called a thermal reservoir. Use the following diagram for wiring a 2 heat 1cool heat pump with electric auxiliary heat. Multispeed, direct drive blower motor on 42 and 48 models. You must use an independent circuit to supply power. Your actual heat pump system and related devices may differ from the images. As such, service personnel should observe epa regulations for refrigerant handling. The heat absorbed is called the refrigeration affect. Check the electric wiring according to the electric wiring diagram. This code of practice should be titled code of practice for the electricity wiring regulations hereinafter referred as the cop. Contactthe authorised service technician for repair or maintenance of this unit. An accurate heat loss calculation must be made for the property, then the size. This would be positioned in the primary heating circuit.

American standard installers guide heat pumps 4a6h3. My breaker panel for the pump is a sub panel running off the main with a 60a breaker. Field modifications or additions must be in compliance with all applicable codes. Honeywell truezone hz221 installation manual pdf download. Any changes to the heat pump, evaporator, heat exchanger, wiring, or improper installation may void the warranty. All phases of this installation must comply with national, state and local codes. Wiring system relays wiring filter pumps single speed pump intelliflo variable speed pump wiring flowdependent devices booster pump wiring a salt chlorine generator wiring a heater or heat pump water temperature sensor gas heater or heat pump wiring pool lights testing the relays pairing intelliconnect to a wireless router ii 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3.

The higher the cop, the more efficient the heat pump. Install heat pump coil and cabinet onto the outlet of the furnace. The user shall ensure that the health and safety of any other person in the area or site near where the heat pump is installed is not endangered by his conduct or activities when operating the heat pump. L low ambient heat pump series type m minisplit outdoor single zone heat pump units cooling efficiency s standard efficiency major design sequence a 1st generation b 2nd generation nominal cooling capacity 009 0. A properlysized breaker and copper wire must be used. Modulehvs3660variablespeed heat pump 070119 heating, cooling and indoor air quality systems.

Before working on this unit, turn off power supply to the heat pump. The heat pump also includes a reversing valve, solenoid, defrost thermostat and. Swimming pool heat pump installation and user manual. The appliance shall be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations.

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