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Polycom soundstation 2w the soundstation 2, polycoms next generation conference phone, is redefining the standard for businessquality. How do i upgrade the firmware on a polycom ip 5000 soundstation from the web console. If the phone was previously used with simtex, the password is simtexadmin. Split download file is recommended but requires that all phones are running bootrom 4. The speakerphone delivers exceptional performance and voice quality, making your phone conference calls clearer and more productive. Im having a hard time finding anything on polycoms website. To see which version of the firmware your device is using, press menu status 2 platform 1. Oct 31, 2012 in order to utilize lync integration a onetime update process must first be used to upgrade devices running 3. Polycom soundstation ip conference phones factory outlet store. Polycom soundstation ip 6000 manual upgrade simtex. The soundstation2w software upgrade process has the following four main steps.

The end result will be feedback and poor operation if the output is to an external speaker or pa system. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. I need to be able to do this because im physically not at site. Large backlit lcd reliable 150 foot wireless roaming from the base wireless frequency hopping to avoid interference up to 24. Download soundstation2w software upgrade application for windows vista and.

The polycom soundstation2w wireless conference phone extends mobile conferencing to virtually any environment by eliminating the need to connect via dedicated telephone or data lines. This article describes the process of updating the polycom hardware. A software upgrade is defined as a postsale software addition. How to factory reset a polycom soundstation series 3cx. Soundstation 2w firmware update problem poly community. Soundstation 2w firmware upgrade issue poly community. So i read on the web download firmware with of both my xp and win 7 pro 64 bits. Installation of the soundstation2w software upgrade application on a computer 2. Soundstation 2w firmware upgrade issue i had a working ssw2 then attempted the upgrade using your latest upgrade software to see if i could get it to talk to other dect 6.

Mar 20, 2017 trying to upgrade the firmware on a polycom soundstation 2w and it is taking its sweet time. Polycom soundstation 2w taking its sweet time to upgrade. I tried approximately 9 times under different conditions, but all attempts end the same way failure. Polycom soundstation 2w computer connection cable benn thomsen. The wireless polycom soundstation 2w ex model offers the industry leading wireless telephone conference phone system via your mobile phone this range sets the new standards for anytime, anywhere, mobile audioconferencing. With better voice quality than the original soundstation with voice encryption, up to 24 hours of talk time, and the ability to dial through a cell phone, the soundstation2w is. The polycom soundstation 2 conference phone enables users to speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly up to ten feet away from the unit this next generation conference phone offers industryleading full duplex for natural, simultaneous, two way conversation and is. Soundstation2w phones operating with old versions of software may experience an irrecoverable failure of registration between the base station and the phone. Polycom soundstation 2w non expandable, item number 220007880001, wireless conference phone for midsized conference rooms. How to update polycom device firmware intermedia knowledge. The soundstation 2, polycoms next generation conference phone, is redefining the standard for businessquality. Soundstation2w software upgrade application polycom support.

Soundstation 2w usb and when i unplug the ssw2, the above is not listed in the device manager. Upgrade of firmware on the soundstation2w console 4. How to upgrade the firmware on a polycom ip 5000 soundstation. Polycom soundstation 2w extended length battery 220007804002 the soundstation 2w extended length battery is a spare or replacement battery for your soundstation system that offers an extended capacity.

Soundstation 2w ex conference phone is polycoms nextgeneration, wireless conference phone that gives users the freedom to conference any where team collaboration is important even in rooms where there are no phone lines. After that, show me on panel not registered, then began the register process, i hope that phone panel show registering so press the button on base for 10 seconds and finished. The polycom soundstation 2w wireless conference phone is an analogue conferencing phone that provides flexibility to the whole team. Buy polycom conference phone soundstation 2w polycom. Soundstation2ws electrical contacts could generate a tiny. Just execute soundstation2w upgrade app as administrator and application update the software version without issues. The auxiliary audio jack on the soundstation 2w is the same as that in the original soundstation. If i buy the polycom soundstation2 for an analog line, how do i upgrade to ip at a later date. Combined download should be used where phones may be running pre4. View online features for polycom soundstation 2w telephone or simply click download button to examine the polycom soundstation 2w guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer. The soundstation2w is a circuit switched platform compat. Productive calls are possible with the polycom acoustic clarity tech that delivers crystal clear calls. Jul 21, 2008 todays discussion will be on polycom and how to upload the latest firmware. Trying to upgrade the firmware on a polycom soundstation 2w and it is taking its sweet time.

View and download polycom soundstation2w user manual and administrator manual online. Polycom soundstation2w wireless analog conference phone. Anywhere highquality voice conferencing is needed, the polycom soundstation2w phone delivers. Mar 16, 2020 the soundstation2w software upgrade process has the following four main steps. Polycom factory reset and software upgrade youtube. Applicable to polycom soundstation 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 follow the steps below to factory reset your polycom soundstation device in order to bring back the factory default settings.

How to register your polycom soundstation2w to a base. I have 5 of polycom soundstation 2w wont register, i log in. Data sheet polycom soundstation2w speciflcations 173880315 polycom, inc. Polycom 220167800022 07800001 2w soundstation expand. To see which version of the firmware your device is using, press menu status 2 platform 1 phone 1 scroll down to view bootblock and updater versions. Soundstation2w upgrade free download windows version. A weekly charge will often be enough to provide 24 hours of talk time. Installation of usb drivers contained in the upgrade application on the computer followed by a reboot of the pc.

I tried to upgrade on 5 of them but there is no luck on any, upgrading went to final step step 6 finalize radio parameter and failed. Polycom soundstation 2w firmware upgrade full guides for. Esi told me it did not support soundstation 2 with the e class because it needed 100ms flash hook duration. Installer for microsoft windows vista and windows 7 32 and 64 bit. Data sheet polycom soundstation2w speciffcations console specifications size l x w x h 14. Polycom soundstation 2w ex wireless audio conference phone. Polycom soundstation duo conference phone, polycom has taken the concepts of group productivity tool and standard office workhorse to a new level for small to midsize rooms, delivering the ultimate in deployment flexibility, ease of use, and.

Polycom soundstation2w bundle wireless includes mics. It quit working so i read that i should update the firmware of the device. Polycom soundstation 2w soundstation2w nonexpandable. Installation of usb drivers contained in the upgrade application on the computer. The polycom soundstation 2w is the new standard for anytime, anywhere audio conferencing. Upgrading polycom soundstation2w software to version 1. Allows upgrade of soundstation2w operational software to. Polycom conference phones feature high resolution backlit lcd displays, so reading incoming call information is easy even in low light situations. Soundstation2w battery recall information only affecting units sold before 2006, and between 12200752008. The aux port was intended for recording of conference calls not for. This must be done before provisioning your polycom soundstation phone in case the device has residual settings of a previous configuration.

Soundstation 2w useradmininistrator guide interlinked. The phonepassword can be set by logging into the admin setup manage modify pencil button the sip. Apr 25, 2012 the soundstation 2w only has mono microphone output and sound input, so it is necessary to connect both the red and white wires together from the stereo output of the plug that you will plug into the pc headphone socket and similarly for the cable that you will plug into the pc microphone input. I followed all the instructions from polycom to upgrade the firmware and now i have a message on the conference phone screen that says. The soundstation ip 7000 has been replaced by the poly trio 8800 and trio 8500. Page 1 page 2 page 3 table of contents page 4 page 5 thank you page 6 parts list page 7 setting up soundstation2w page 8 mounting options page 9 features page 10 wireless technology page 11 mobile phone mode page 12 using soundstation2w page ending a call page 14 redial page 15. The polycom soundstation 100 is commonly used in offices for conference calls. Soundstation2w user guide and administrator guide phone. Installation of usb drivers contained in the upgrade application on. Once reset, i will show you how to upgrade the polycom software and configuration files to the latest version by simply using polycoms provisioning server. Is the polycom soundstation2 software upgradeable in the field. Polycom soundstation 2w telephone system installers tech. Mar 06, 2015 once reset, i will show you how to upgrade the polycom software and configuration files to the latest version by simply using polycoms provisioning server.

Soundstation2w conference phone pdf manual download. With superior voice quality to the award winning soundstation, proven 2. This is after 1 hour i contacted polycom support and they cant find their own product serial number in their database. Having my boss look at it now and he is getting very frustrated as well as the customer. Upgrading polycom soundstation2w software to version. Release matrix for soundpoint ip and soundstation ip phones. Soundstation ip 4000 with mics and soundstation premier ex with mics soundstation vtx with mics voicestation 300 and voicestation 500 soundstation2, soundstation2w, soundstation ip 4000 and soundstation2 for avayanortel soundstation vtx soundstation2w uses a cable that connects to a standard 2. To force a registration between the console and base station. Scroll down to the system information menu item and press the select button to display the versions of software the phone is using. With industryleading full duplex for natural, simultaneous twoway conversation, the soundstation2 will exceed your expectations in medium to small conference rooms. Polyocm soundstation2 software firmware is not user upgrade able. I have been trying for 2 days to upgrade the software on my soundstation2w using windows 7. Polycom soundstation 2w user and administrator manual pdf.

May 22, 2014 i have 5 of polycom soundstations 2w wont register, i log in system info. Superb voice conferencing performance with the freedom and flexibility of wireless polycom acoustic clarity technology delivers clear, natural conversations dect 6. Polycom devices running firmware version 3 and lower must connect to a server to update. Feb 27, 2018 polycom soundstation ip 7000 polycom soundstation ip 6000 done on a polycom soundstation ip 7000 settings in admin menu. Polycom soundstation 2w wireless conference telephone non. For some of you this will be a repetitive read, if you have done this before, but for those just starting out in the industry, or just wanting to learn some new information on voip, then this is for you. Version 4 and later of the firmware can update from the devices configuration web page. Polycom soundstation 2w extended length battery 220007804. The phones quickcharging lithiumion battery offers 12 or 24 hours with upgrade of talk time and 80 or 160 hours of standby time and can be recharged while in use in any room with a portable console charger. Installation of usb drivers contained in the upgrade application on the. This conference speakerphone provides exceptional deployment flexibility and bestinclass investment protection. Polycom soundstation 2 is ideal for small and medium conference rooms seating up to 10 participants.

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